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Orthodontic Shaped Soother

Many moms feel concerned about using soothers, some feel concerned that they can damage their baby’s palate. However, it’s important to remember that a soother can help develop the baby’s sucking reflex, as well as keeping your baby calm and relaxed when they’re not feeding. Wee Baby’s Orthodontic Soothers can help you to overcome your hesitations, they are specially designed to fit your baby’s palate, ensuring safe and healthy development. 


Round Shaped Soothers

Round Shape Soothers mimic the shape of the mom’s breast, and therefore are the ideal choice for newborns. This design is especially beneficial to babies who are breastfed, as its similar shape prevents latch issues when breastfeeding. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the soother’s body, be sure to select a round or oval body to avoid obstructing their breathing. 


Soother Straps

Soother Straps are important in keeping soothers safe and clean. They can be easily fastened to the baby’s clothes with their easy lock-release system, making them a useful tool in preventing the soother from getting lost or dropped. You can mix-and-match your soothers and chains from Wee Baby’s wide range.


Soother Protector Case

For moms on-the-go, a Soother Protector Case is a must-have for keeping soothers sterile and safe. Manufactured from PP materials, it’s compatible with all soother designers making it a simple and easy solution for transporting your baby’s soother around easily.