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Glass Feeding Bottles

Glass feeding bottles are one of the most popular amongst moms. They are the easiest to wash and sterilize, as well as effectively maintaining the temperature of the liquid inside. Choosing an anti-gas bottle will maximize comfort for your baby after feeding. We offer a variety of different designs in our glass feeding bottle range as well as: classic feeding bottles, heat resistant wide neck bottles, mini glass bottles and many more. 


PP Feeding Bottles

Feeding bottles are an important part of feeding. You need to select your bottle carefully. If you’re breast and bottle feeding your baby alternately, you need to ensure your baby adapts to the bottle teat by selecting the right bottle. Anti-colic bottles will maximize your baby’s comfort whilst feeding too. Be sure to pay attention to the bottle’s BPA content, ideally choosing a BPA-free PP bottle, as these are safer. 


PP Mini Bottles

Breast milk is completely nutritionally balanced for your baby. When you start adding supplementary food to your baby’s diet, you should also start giving water. A dual-purpose bottle for both water and milk will make your job a little easier. The PP Mini Bottle a perfect introductory bottle, and is ideal for 0-6 months old babies, and includes a feeding bottle cap and tip.


Non-Spill Sippy Cups

Sippy Cups help your baby learn to drink water and use cups and bottles independently. They are the transition from feeding bottles and help develop grasping and holding skills. Make sure you look at the materials used, as well as the non-spill feature to ensure they are safe and suitable for babies. Non-Spill Sippy Cups will prevent your baby from making a mess, so these cups come recommended. 


Straw Cups

Straw Cups are particularly practical for kindergarten aged children. Again, be sure to check the materials used, the weight of the bottle (so it can be easily carried in your child’s bag), and the straw. You don’t want the straw to be so hard, as this can cause damage to the child’s palate. A lid system that is easy to open and close by your child is perfect and keeps the straw clean and hygienic. 


Fruit Sieve

Fruit and vegetables are very important for healthy development as your baby starts to eat supplementary food. As moms know, babies have the habit of smearing food on their clothes, other objects and their environment. The Wee Baby Fruit Sieve offers a practical solution. You can add mashed fruit and vegetables inside, which helps prevent mess. This also helps you to introduce healthy foods from an earlier age.


Spare Bottle Teats

Moms need to be particularly selective when choosing teats to avoid latch issues when breastfeeding. Teats also need to be changed according to the baby’s age. Wee Baby provides a range of different teats including Orthodontic Wide Neck Feeding Bottle Teats. These are breathable thanks to the specially designed air system and do not put pressure on the baby’s palate when feeding, avoiding any damage. They are also manufactured from natural silicone, which is odorless, colorless and can be safely used with food. 


Feeding Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush Set

Cleaning feeding bottles is at least as important as the bottle itself. Bottles that are not properly cleaned results in residuals left from the cleanser or nutrients which results in a threat for your babies’ health. For this reason, feeding bottles and their teats should be cleaned properly. That is why Wee Baby Feeding Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush Set is the ideal choice. Being developed for ultimate hygiene concerns, brush set allows you to clean even hard to reach areas of your bottle with ease. For more information, please visit our product page. Wee Baby, with you whenever you need.