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Breast Pumps

An essential for breastfeeding moms, especially for working moms. Breast pumps are a must-have for moms who want to share feeding duties, have excess milk and for moms who are on-the-go. Breast pumps allow moms to feed their baby breast milk, whatever their schedule. Wee Baby offers both electric and manual breast pumps, and you should select one that maximizes efficiency as well as your comfort and needs. 


Breast Pads

Breast Pads offer an easy and practical tool for breastfeeding moms. The breast pads absorb any excess milk on the mom’s nipple after feeding and help control leakages from showing. They prevent clothes from staining, along with keeping the nipples dry and sterile. Wee Baby recommends 100 per cent breathable cotton breast pads for maximum comfort and absorption. 


Silicon Nipple Protector

Teething can bring about biting during breastfeeding. This can result in moms being forced to quit breastfeeding earlier than they wanted to. Besides the biting, cracks and inflammation on the nipples can make breastfeeding even harder. Nipple protectors can be used to combat these issues, made from silicone, they are odorless and tasteless and mimic the mom’s nipple causing minimum discomfort to your baby. 


Milk Storage

Milk storage bags come in handy for working moms, those with excess milk and moms who want to share the feeding duties. After expressing milk, the safest way of storing the milk is in milk storage bags. Wee Baby’s storage bags are made from sterile materials, with a double lock system, keeping the milk fresher for longer. Our bags are easy to clean and can be reused safely.