How Often and How Should Teats Be Cleaned?

The most important thing a mother should do before feeding her baby is to make sure the bottle is hygienic.

Bacteria that are not well cleaned can cause bacteria, which poses a great danger to the health of the baby. Therefore, all mothers must clean the baby bottle. From the moment the baby bottle is used, the entire product, especially the teat, must be hygienic.

Mothers should always pay attention to this. This is a necessary condition for the prevention of underlying diseases. Otherwise your baby will be exposed to different reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting and stomach problems. Therefore, when cleaning the bottle, you can boil the bottle and nipple to make it more sterile to prevent bacterial growth. This can take up to five minutes. The boiling process will allow you to completely eliminate the possibility of bacteria in the nipple. We recommend that you do this every time you feed your baby. Of course, repeating these stages too much can damage the structure of the bottle. So if you have multiple bottles and pacifiers to feed your baby, you can have a trouble-free feeding day.

Feeding Bottle Cleaning Methods

The mother should always keep the bottle clean so that it is hygienic when feeding the baby. In addition to the boiling process, different tests may also apply to this requirement. Sterilization methods can also be used. Many parents continue to feed in cold places. Bottles that remain in the refrigerator or cooler are less likely to be contaminated with bacteria. Finally, the mother must fully understand the baby bottle cleaning, pacifiers and other baby products.

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