How do you use a breast milk storage bag?

Milk needs to be pumped and transferred into bags regularly (using a pumping method that suits you). You can transfer your milk into the bag by using a bottle. It’s useful to note the date and time of the pumping session on the bag, this way you know which milk to use first. This is especially important if your baby goes to daycare and the breast milk is give to the baby by someone other than you.  Breast milk should be defrosted in warm water or by placing in the lower part of the fridge for about eight hours. The milk needs to be given to the baby at the appropriate temperature.

Overall there are many benefits to milk storage bags. Sterilized bags ensure the protein content in the milk stays the same, and with the secure double locking system ensure safe storage both vertically and horizontally due to their supported bottoms. Storage bags ensure that you’re able to give the best to your baby, even when you can’t be there. Meeting their nutritional and development needs anytime, anyplace. 

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