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Non-Contact Thermometer

Product Detail

Code : 131

Barcode: 8699872931318

Package : 1

Parcel - Dozen : 20

Colors : White

• Can measure body temperature from forehead from a 3-5 cm distance

• Energy Detection System provides reliable and steady measurements

• Sound alarm for temperatures over 39 C (100.40 F)

• Stores the last 32 readings

• Automatic shutdown to save energy

• Comes in practical hand held protective case

It is very important to be able to precisely measure temperatures in babies, as some diseases with fever for babies can be life-threatening. Having an accurate thermometer to hand can empower you with the information needed to better control the condition of your baby. Digital thermometers that measure the temperature quickly, are an ideal choice. Wee Baby’s Non-Contact Thermometer is easy-to-use, highly accurate (when held 3-5 cm away from the forehead) and won’t disturb your baby when in use thanks to the Japanese sensor system. It can store the previous 32 readings, so you can monitor your baby’s temperature closely and carefully.