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Night Soother No:2

Product Detail

BPA Sağlıklı Silikon

Code : 784

Barcode: 8690797107840

Package : 24

Parcel - Dozen : 24

Colors : Pink, Blue

• Suitable for ages 6-18 months.

• Glows in the dark. Helps to be found easily without turning on lights.

• Orthodontic teat supports natural palate development and teeth growth, as well as supporting natural sucking motion of the baby.

• No-handle design prevents disturbance of babies caused by handle beating noise while sucking. 

• Air flow holes in shield prevents irritation to the area around the baby’s mouth.

• Air System allows to keep the teats shape and softness.

• Comes with hygienic PP cover. 

• Teat is silicone, cover and soother body is PP.