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Silicone Nasal Cleaner

Product Detail

BPA Sağlıklı Silikon

Code : 860

Barcode: 8690797108601

Package : 12

Parcel - Dozen : 12

Colors : Red

• Safely removes excess mucus from the baby’s nose.

• Soft silicone tip prevents any damage to the baby’s nose.

• Practical, quick and easy-to-use thanks to ergonomic design.

Mom’s know how difficult a baby with a blocked nose can be. Nasal discharge or the common cold can cause problems around the clock, leading to sleepless nights, restlessness and general discomfort which can be hard for both mom and baby. Fortunately, the Wee Baby Silicone Nasal Cleaner can come to your rescue, with its soft silicone tip designed to remove the excess mucus, quickly, easily and without causing any damage to your baby. Thanks to the Silicone Nasal Cleaner, you and your baby can get your much needed sleep.