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Classic Plus Heat Resistant Wide Neck Glass Bottles 180 ml

Product Detail

BPA Sağlıklı Silikon

Code : 140

Barcode: 8690797101404

Package : 12

Parcel - Dozen : 96

Colors : Pink, Blue, White

• Suitable for all ages starting from 0-6 months.

• Anti-gas and anti-colic air system.

• Resistant to high temperatures and sudden temperature changes.

• Safe to heat and store.  

• Low flow with teat no.1 (suitable for ages 0-6 months).

Breast milk is plays a vital role in a baby’s development, it’s perfectly nutritionally balanced containing all the proteins, minerals and vitamins your baby needs.

Many moms choose to express their milk, and bottle feed in addition to breastfeeding. Choosing the right bottle is very important, it will ease the transition between bottle and breast, as well as helping to avoid latching issues.

Wee Baby’s Heat Resistant Wide Neck Glass Feeding Bottle, is made from safe materials and has anti-gas and anti-colic features. It is also resistant to sudden changes in temperature and high heats. The teat design ensures no damage to the baby’s palate development during feeding, and also has an in-built air flow system that has anti-colic benefits. The wide neck allows for easy filling, emptying and cleaning.

Anti-Gas Anti-Colic
Anti-Gas Anti-Colic
Special Wee Baby air system of the nipple helps prevent gas formation. It provides a comfortable flow.
Pure Borosılıcate Glass