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Patterned Chargeable Breast Pump

Product Detail

BPA Sağlıklı Silikon

Code : 168

Barcode: 8690797101688

Package : 1

Colors : Turquoise

• Rechargeable use.

• Modern, elegant design.

• A new usage experience with «3d button».

• Compact design, easy setup and portable use.

• Ultra-light and small pump fits in the palm of the hand and enables one hand use.

• Powerful vacuum helps extracting more breastmilk.

• Ultra silent operation; ideal for night expressions.

• Breast cushion eases milk flow during the operation.

• Let-down phase and expression phase enable to simulate baby’s sucking rhythm and supports efficient breastfeeding.

• 5 different vacuum levels for let-down phase, and 9 level for expression phase enable to personalize pumping session.

• Vacuum level can be adjusted by rotating «3d button» up and down.

• Expression time, suction mode and vacuum level can be seen on digital screen.

• Contains strap which can be hanged on mother’s neck during using and enables mom to hand-free.

• BPA free, safe material ; mothers can use confidently.