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Anti-colic PP Feeding Bottle 240 ml

Product Detail

BPA Sağlıklı Silikon

• For 6-18 months old babies   

• Round nipple mimics the sensation of real breastfeeding

• Nipple prevents collapsing and vacuuming during sucking.                                                                                 

• Wee Baby Anti-Gas system prevents the baby to swallow air. 

• Prevents intestinal gas and hiccups after feeding.                                                                                        

• Provides uninterrupted and comfortable feeding.                       

• Low flow with #1 nipple for 0-6 months old babies.


In baby feeding, feeding bottles are very much preferred along with the regular breast feeding. Baby bottles allow particularly working mothers to express their milk for their babies to drink later and also help to calculate the quantity of milk that the babies drink. Bottles also help babies to develop their holding and grasping skills. However, many mothers are hesitant due to the bottle materials, bottle nipple and the potential gas problem. But, Wee Baby Anti-Colic Anti-Gas PP Feeding Bottle will eliminate your hesitations. Anti-colic Anti-gas System allows the air to enter through the air vents during sucking, to go through the valves and to accumulate in the air gap at the bottom of the feeding bottle without being mixed with the milk. This prevents air bubbles to form with vacuum effect and it is less likely for the air bubbles to go to the stomach of the baby. Air entering the air vents when sucking prevents the vacuuming of the nipple on the mouth of the baby and collapsing. It provides a comfortable flow. You can select Wee Baby Anti-Colic Anti-Gas PP Feeding Bottle to ensure your baby is fed comfortably.