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Shopping List Essentials

While you are waiting for your baby, doing shopping and preparing a hospital bag one month before the delivery would save you from the stress of an unprepared delivery.  Considering the fact that it would be hard to do shopping after the delivery, this shopping should not be limited with the contents of the hospital bag. You should also purchase the materials you’re going to need after the delivery. 

Hospital bag should contain materials for your and your baby’s needs. Your stay in the hospital might be longer than expected. Keeping this in mind, you need to take enough number of underwear, socks, pajamas and gowns. Spare clothes and cleaning and personal care products should also be packed. Nipple cream and breast milk storage bags may be purchased or they can later be purchased when needed.

You might need an electric breast pump. You’re going to need soother, feeding bottle, sterilizer, baby shampoo, thermometer, hat, gloves and baby clothes. You should also have diapers, wet wipes and rash cream at hand. Don’t forget to take your phones and recorders and chargers of these. You can document the labor yourself or by help of professional labor photographers. Materials that you’re going to need after the delivery are so much more. Getting them ready before the delivery would provide you with peace of mind. 

Shopping List Essentials 

Newborn diapers

Feeding bottle - different sizes of teats

Feeding bottle 

Sterilizing Kit

Feeding bottle warmer


Soother protector case

Soother strap

Baby bathtub and sling for easy bathing

Bath thermometer

Bath sponge

Bath towel

Nail scissors

Cotton swabs


Baby changing mat

Newborn shampoo, lotion, rash cream, powder

Newborn wet wipes

Nasal aspirator


Baby monitor

Shoulder cover (for breastfeeding)

Musical mobile for baby crib

Baby swing

Baby clothes (sleepsuit, hospital outfit, hat, panties (?), booties, socks, etc)


Stroller - pushchair - baby sling

Breastfeeding pillow

Baby changing bag

Medicine measuring spoon

Umbilical cord band



Baby rattle

For mom

Nightgown for easy breastfeeding

Pajamas - socks - sweater - slippers

Underwear (underpants - nursing bra - nursing top)

Hygienic pads

Breast pads

Breast cream

Breast pump

Breast milk storage bag

Breast shells