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Babies and Mothers are happier with Wee Baby Anti-colic feeding bottle

Caring for babies' healthy growth and supporting mothers with its practical products, Wee Baby helps to reduce gas discomfort in babies with its Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle. Most of newborns may experience gas pain caused by the air swallowed during feeding.

This, may cause parents to stay awake at night and get tired.  Although there is no definitive way to eliminate this problem completely, there are some methods to reduce gas pain that may become a real problem.  One of these methods is undoubtedly the selection of correct feeding bottles. With its special design, Wee Baby anti-colic feeding bottle reduces the risk of formation of air bubbles in the milk and ensures more comfortable feeding.  Air caused by the vacum from feeding goes through the air vents and does not get mixed with the milk and accumulates in the lower part of the bottle.  This prevents the air bubbles to get mixed with the milk and reduces the risk of air swallowed by your baby.  this system also helps an uninterrupted milk flow.  Round valve and air vents also allow easy cleaning. Made of BPA-free PP material with a silicon nipple, the feeding bottle is available in two sizes, 150 ml and 240 ml for 0-6 months old babies.  

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