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As Labor Approaches

The more prepared you are, the more comfortable you will feel and as you never know when your labor might start, so it is important to get informed and have a few things ready before your due date.  

As labor approaches, you should discuss the place, method and delivery time with your doctor. If you’re planning to give birth in a hospital, it is important to prepare a bag that includes all the necessary items needed you and your baby as well as ID cards and health insurance documents. During these last few weeks it is important not to miss any doctor’s appointments, as the method of delivery is determined by the last few check-ups.

When you come home, you won't want to do much more than rest and care for your baby. So do as much planning as you can in advance, for hospital and for home. Keep in mind your stay in hospital could be longer than expected, therefore you should prepare your bag accordingly to ensure you’ve brought everything to meet you and your baby’s needs. Don’t forget to take your phones (and their chargers!) so you can capture the labor.

There are several signs that labor might be starting, contractions getting stronger, your waters breaking, a ‘show,’ when the plug of mucus from your cervix comes away causing a pink discharge.

Your hospital bag:

Baby Care Products

Newborn diapers 

Newborn shampoo

Body massage oil  

Diaper rash cream

Baby bathtub and sling for easy bathing

Baby diaper changing mat

Newborn cotton wet wipes

Bath sponge

Baby towel

Nail scissors

Nasal aspirator

Cotton swabs

Belly care kit

Feeding bottle cleaning kit

Personal Care Products for Moms:

Breastfeeding breast pad

Nipple cream

Hygienic pads





Toothbrush and toothpaste

Paraben-free makeup materials



Baby Clothes:


Hospital outfit

Hat, booties, socks

Baby gloves

Pajama bottoms

Baby vest

Baby blankets

Cloth baby wipes

Shoulder cover for breastfeeding

Mom’s Clothes:

2-3 sets of pajamas (should be buttoned for easy breastfeeding)

Robe (you can take walks inside the hospital)

Underwear (underpants - nursing bra - nursing top)

Duvet cover set

2 pairs of slippers (non-slip)

Additional Products for Mom and Baby:


Soother Protector Case

Soother strap 

Breastfeeding pillow

Baby bag

Silicone medication spoon

Feeding bottle, if needed