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0 - 1 Year

The first year of your baby's life is full of important and miraculous developments that will surprise and amaze you. For example, the height of your family's tiny new member increases one and a half times its birth height in the first year, while its weight reaches approximately 3 times its birth weight. Growth in the first year is not exactly the same for each baby, but its is around these values. It is important to remember that every baby is unique and every baby grows at a different pace. Therefore, it is correct to evaluate the growth of the baby within the framework of his / her growth rather than to compare with his / her peers.  

Coming to the world is a very challenging adventure for a tiny newborn. This smallest and newest member of your house does not yet know what is around, also is not very aware of its needs. He feels comfortable or restless, but he cannot understand why. For instance, he feels hungry, but he doesn't know what to do with that feeling. The first 3 months is when your baby will notice himself and his surroundings, he can understand that you look after him, you love him, and that he is safe. For you, this is the period of getting to know your new baby and your new life and getting to know each other with your baby.

Sweet and new excitements await you in 4-6 months. Because in these months, your baby will start reacting actively to the person who is interested in him. This is also the time when your baby will start to sleep and eat more regularly. This will give you an opportunity to put your life in order a little bit. In these 3 months, you will start to learn what your baby likes, what he doesn't like, and his preferences of sleeping, eating and playing.

7-9 months are the months when your baby will be more active, meet new foods, learn new games and learn and improve how to communicate with people. As your baby becomes increasingly independent in his movements, he will also pursue new discoveries. At the same time, he learns that his actions have consequences, and he also learns how to get things that he wants. For example, when he smiles, he knows that his mother smiles; he learns to stretch his arms when he wants his mother to take him on her lap. In addition to physical development, the stages of his mental and social development will be exciting for you.

The months 10-12 are the period when the baby is beginning to specialize in communicating while reaching his first year in the world. It will be a source of happiness for you that your baby is able to express what he wants in a way that you can understand.